Awards summary

Award Summary

The GPF in numbers (since 2007):

Total grants distributed: £82,900
Expeditions supported: 164
Destination countries: 44

Novices supported (Alex Pitcher awards): 73
Total cavers benefited: 2292+

Ref Expedition Name Leader Exped grant Alex Pitcher
Summer 2018
GPF2018b-001Croatia Cave Diving Expedition 2018christine grosart£2000
GPF2018b-002Houping Winter 2018Laura Benn£5000
GPF2018b-003Junee-Florentine 2018Fleur Loveridge£4000
Winter 2018
GPF2018a-001Matienzo 2018 (Matienzo Cave Project)Philip Papard£5000
GPF2018a-002Kaokoland 2018Mark Tringham£2500
GPF2018a-003Tresviso 2018Phil Walker£7002
GPF2018a-004Puncak Jaya Expedition to West PapuaPete Talling£8000
GPF2018a-005ASUL 2018Kostas Trimmis£3500
GPF2018a-006KLIC GLOBIN -- CALL FROM THE DEPTHS -- Migovec 2018Arun Paul£7002
GPF2018a-007Maaras 2018Malcolm Foyle£3501
GPF2018a-008EAst GREenland 18 (EAGRE 18)Gina Moseley£3000
GPF2018a-009Cambridge University Caving Club Austria Expedition 2018Ruairidh Macleod£7002
Summer 2017
GPF2017b-001Matienzo 2017Philip Papard£4000
GPF2017b-002SMCC Thailand 2018Paul Dummer£3000
GPF2017b-003Svalbard 2018 - Austre BroggerbreenJayne Kamintzis£1000
GPF2017b-004Pena Colorada 2018Chris Jewell£10000
GPF2017b-005Kyrgyzstan 17Malcolm Foyle£2000
Winter 2017
GPF2017a-001Huautla Resurgence 2017Chris Jewell£5000
GPF2017a-002ASULKostas Trimmis£5000
GPF2017a-003Mulu Caves 2017Andy Eavis£1000
GPF2017a-004Thailand Krabi Family expeditionImogen Furlong£6000
GPF2017a-005Pozo Azul - 2017Jason Mallinson£8500
GPF2017a-006Ario Caves Project 2017Mike Bottomley£8002
GPF2017a-007Tresviso 2017Phil Walker£5001
GPF2017a-008Cambridge University Caving Club Austria Expedition 2016 (CUCC)Elaine Oliver£9002
Summer 2016
GPF2016b-001Shan Plateau 2016-17Pete Talling£7000
Winter 2016
GPF2016a-001SUSS go Pester SerbiaJack Dewison£10001
GPF2016a-002Neprehojene poti - "Untraveled paths"Benjamin Honan£11002
GPF2016a-003Ario Caves Project 2016Mike Bottomley£4000
GPF2016a-004Tresviso 2016Phil Walker£4000
GPF2016a-005Cambridge University Caving Club Austria Expedition 2016Matthew Watson£7000
GPF2016a-006Durmitor 2016Mark Sims£5002
Summer 2015
GPF2015b-001Mulu Caves 2015Mark Brown£5000
GPF2015b-002Nan 2016Paul Dummer£5250
GPF2015b-003Caves of the KosuaStephen Macnamara£4500
GPF2015b-004China Caves- Doshan 2015Mark Richardson£5752
GPF2015b-005Southern Shan State 2015Ben Wright£4000
Winter 2015
GPF2015a-001Matienzo 2015Philip Papard£5500
GPF2015a-002There and Back AgainRhys Tyers£2002
GPF2015a-003UK/Ireland - Iran 2015Katie Rockliff£4500
GPF2015a-004Speleo Philippines 2015Henry Bennett£10001
GPF2015a-005ICCC Slovenia 2015Oliver Myerscough£8000
GPF2015a-007Kaokoland 2015Mark Tringham£3500
GPF2015a-008Cambridge University Caving Club Austria ExpeditionMatthew Watson£5500
GPF2015a-009Ario Caves Project - C4Mike Bottomley£3500
Summer 2014
GPF2014b-001China Caves DoshanTim Allen£8001
GPF2014b-002Northeast Greenland Caves ProjectGina Moseley£6000
Winter 2014
GPF2014a-001Matienzo 2014Philip Papard£4250
GPF2014a-002Pozo Azul 2014 - Beyond TipperaryJason Mallinson£7500
GPF2014a-003Krubera 2014Martin Hoff£1000
GPF2014a-004Durmitor Caving Expedition 2014Mark Sims£6502
GPF2014a-005Skozi Zrcalo - "Through the Looking Glass"Oliver Myerscough£6501
GPF2014a-006Moulin Explorers - 2014Alistair Morgan£02
GPF2014a-007Tamerlan CaveAndrew Mawer£5000
GPF2014a-009Ario Caves ProjectIan Holmes£5002
GPF2014a-010Cambridge University Caving Club Austria ExpeditionMatthew Watson£5002
GPF2014a-011East Timor 2014Ben Wright£5000
Summer 2013
GPF2013b-001Thailand, Nan 2014Paul Dummer£4000
GPF2013b-003Shan Plateau (Myanmar) Expedition 2014Peter Talling£6000
GPF2013b-004Tian Xing 2013 - Shitty BackdoorMadphil Rowsell£5000
GPF2013b-005Christmas 2013 - San Wang Dong and Er Wang DongMadphil Rowsell£2000
GPF2013b-006Spring Festival 2014 - Er Wang Dong, ChinaMadphil Rowsell£3000
GPF2013b-007Mulu Caves 2013Mark Brown£5000
Winter 2013
GPF2013a-001San AgustinChris Jewell£13000
GPF2013a-002Ario Caves ProjectSteph Dwyer£5002
GPF2013a-003Monaco Research ExpKonstantinos Trimmis£750
GPF2013a-005Glasgow Uni - TrinidadGillian Simpson£1000
GPF2013a-006YUCPC MontenegroMark Sims£5002
GPF2013a-007Kosovo 2013Matthew Jones£2500
GPF2013a-008Habe Xue ShanGavin Lowe£2500
GPF2013a-009Pozu Azul - SpainJason Mallinson£7500
GPF2013a-010Prehistory and palaeoenvironment of BhutanGina Moseley£2000
GPF2013a-011Matienzo 2013Juan Corrin£4000
GPF2013a-012Hidden Dragon ExpRich Gerrish£3000
GPF2013a-013Z Miga na KukOliver Myerscough£6000
GPF2013a-014Montenegro (JD)Joe Duxbury£750
GPF2013a-015CUCC Exp to Austria 2Alex Crow£3002
Summer 2012
GPF2012b-001Peru 2012Hannah Moulton£5500
GPF2012b-002Shan PlateauPete Talling£6000
GPF2012b-003Xian TingBen Wright£4000
Winter 2012
GPF2012a-001Mulu 2012Andy Eavis£2000
GPF2012a-002Sledi Vetra 2012Clare Tan£7502
GPF2012a-003Morocco 2012Thomas Smith£6002
GPF2012a-004Andalucua 2012Miguel Tome£2000
GPF2012a-005Montenegro 2012Mark Sims£4000
GPF2012a-006Tresviso 2012Phil Walker£4502
GPF2012a-007Morocco - High Atlas 2012Julia Barrott£1000
GPF2012a-008Montenegro 2012Joe Duxbury£2500
GPF2012a-009The Buttered Badger Oman 2012Mark Richardson£5000
GPF2012a-010Xitu 2012Ben Hudson£4002
GPF2012a-011Matienzo 2012Juan Corrin£4000
GPF2012a-012Austria 2012Serena Povia£5000
Summer 2011
GPF2011b-001Shan Plateau (Myanmar) Expedition 2012Pete Talling£6000
GPF2011b-002Nan Province Thailand Paul Dummer£4000
GPF2011b-003Castleguard 2012Martin Groves£4000
Winter 2011
GPF2011a-001Cambridge Austrian ExpeditionChris Smith£5000
GPF2011a-002Djebel SerdijClare Tan£5000
GPF2011a-003Kelmend - AlbaniaMark Noble£7500
GPF2011a-004Izgubljeni RajMyles Denton£7502
GPF2011a-005MatienzoJuan Corrin£4000
GPF2011a-006Montenegro 2011Joe Duxbury£4000
GPF2011a-007Pozu AzulJason Malinson£10000
GPF2011a-00810,000 years ExpeditionVasile Ersek£1500
GPF2011a-009Tian Xing 2011Imogen Furlong£3000
GPF2011a-010TresvisoPhil Walker£3000
GPF2011a-011Tongzi 2011Erin Lynch£1500
Summer 2010
GPF2010b-001Ethiopia 2010Natalie Uomini£3000
GPF2010b-002Systema HuatlaChris Jewel£5000
GPF2010b-003Mulu 2011Allen/Eavis £2500
GPF2010b-004ZhongdianHillary Greaves£3000
GPF2010b-005GuangXiGed Champion£4000
GPF2010b-006Shan PlateauImogen Furlong£1500
Winter 2010
GPF2010a-001AustriaMartin Jannke£3000
GPF2010a-002Culiembro, SpainChris Jewell£2500
GPF2010a-003Tianxing, ChinaDuncan Collis£2500
GPF2010a-004Vodna Sled, SloveniaAlex Herriott£5002
GPF2010a-005Durmitor, MontenegroThomas Blakey£7002
GPF2010a-006Kelmend, AlbaniaChris Dent£4000
GPF2010a-007White Mountains, CreteRobert Middleton£5002
GPF2010a-008Sima la Chapa, SpainLorna Wilson£3002
GPF2010a-009Joe Duxbury, MontenegroJoe Duxbury£2500
GPF2010a-010Matienzo, SpainJuan Corrin£1500
GPF2010a-011BelizeAlan Baybrooke£2500
GPF2010a-012Sierra de las Nieves, SpainMiguel Tome£1500
GPF2010a-013Jason Mallinson Pozo Azul, SpainJason Malliinson£5000
GPF2010a-014Red Dragon, MalaysiaAnthony Donovan£1000
Summer 2009
GPF2009b-001Huanjiang 2009Ged Campion£5000
GPF2009b-002Cave NowEmma Porter£8000
GPF2009b-003Nan ProvincePaul Dummer£2000
GPF2009b-004Vietnam 2010Howard Limbert£5000
Winter 2009
GPF2009a-001Julagua 2009Nick Edwards£7000
GPF2009a-002Montenegro 2009Joe Duxbury£3000
GPF2009a-003Colosuss 2009Rob Eavis£6000
GPF2009a-004Culiembro 2009Chris Jewel£5000
GPF2009a-005SebalhallSue Ryall£5000
GPF2009a-006Brezzvezdna Jarvist Frost£7002
GPF2009a-008KaninchenhoehleEdvin Deadman£8001
GPF2009a-009MatienzoJuan Corrin£4001
Summer 2008
GPF2008b-001Castleguard - DivingMartin Groves£9000
GPF2008b-002Bolting Sahara 2, DachsteinPhil Rowsell£1500
GPF2008b-003BiJie 2008Ged Champion£11000
GPF2008b-004Vietnam 2009Howard Limber£11000
Winter 2008
GPF2008a-001Schwarzmooskogel ridgeOliver Stevens£4001
GPF2008a-002MatienzoJuan Corrin£2500
GPF2008a-003Votla Gora 2008Jarvist Frost£5502
GPF2008a-004Canal de MonticoYifang Huang£3002
GPF2008a-005Mavri LakiRob Eavis£4502
GPF2008a-006SichuanPeter Talling£6502
GPF2008a-007Tian XingPhil Rowsell£6500
GPF2008a-008HoupingErin Lynch£2500
GPF2008a-009Sisteme JulaguaHillary Greaves£3000
GPF2008a-010Pozu AzulJason Mallinson£8000
Summer 2007
GPF2007b-001Madre de Dios IslandChris Day£3750
GPF2007b-002MadabaJamie Lovell£3750
GPF2007b-003Bolting Sahara 1, DachsteinPhil Rowsell£3750
GPF2007b-004HoupingErin Lynch£3750
Winter 2007
GPF2007a-001Austria 2007Aaron Curtis£8002
GPF2007a-002Dachstein 2007Phil Rowsell£8000
GPF2007a-003Migovec 2007Jarvist Frost£5002
GPF2007a-004Iceland 2007Ed Waters£2500
GPF2007a-005Yunnan Sanba 2007Gavin Lowe£3500
GPF2007a-006Matienzo 2007Juan Corrin£2500
GPF2007a-007Tian Xing 2007Phil Rowsell£6500
GPF2007a-008Chica 2007David Legg£5000

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